ANC Parliamentary caucus meeting underway

The special ANC Parliamentary caucus meeting is now underway. ANC MPs are being briefed on the party's decision to recall President Jacob Zuma from office.

ANC MPs attend a special caucus meeting in Parliament on 14 February 2018. Picture: @ANCParliament/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Parliament’s ANC caucus is meeting this hour to discuss the national executive committee’s decision to recall President Jacob Zuma.

This is the second caucus meeting the party has called in the last week to discuss matters related Zuma’s removal.

The EFF, meanwhile, has postponed its urgent court application for its motion of no confidence to be brought forward.

It says this follows discussions with the ANC’s parliamentary caucus.

The ordinary business of Parliament has been put on hold this morning for the ANC to again discuss President Jacob Zuma’s removal.

MPs filed into the Old Assembly Chamber shortly before 11 this morning.

Among the options open to the caucus to remove Zuma, is for it to vote with the opposition in a motion of no confidence, but only if push comes to shove.

The EFF’s motion is due to be debated next Thursday.

The party said in a tweet this morning that it had been talking to the ANC’s parliamentary caucus and would not go to court just yet, to have the motion brought forward.

The motion would have to fail for the ANC to table its own.

The caucus could also consider impeaching the president, but that would be a more drawn out process, and one that would not give the party the immediate solution it wants.