Mbeki Foundation: Zuma recall long overdue

The Thabo Mbeki Foundation says many people have wanted Jacob Zuma to leave office because he faces the possibility of prosecution for alleged criminal offenses.

FILE: Former President Thabo Mbeki. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Thabo Mbeki Foundation has welcomed the recall of President Jacob Zuma by the African National Congress' (ANC) national executive committee (NEC).

It says many people have wanted Zuma to leave office because he faces the possibility of prosecution for alleged criminal offences.

The foundation says the NEC’s decision is long overdue.

The foundation says the president should now respect the party’s decision and resign as head of state.

Spokesman Thabi Ntenteni says Zuma should refrain from deploying delaying tactics and think of the country's reputation and that the prosecution of his 18 corruption charges should commence.

He says Zuma needs to communicate his next step to the Speaker of Parliament as a matter of urgency.

“From a constitutional point of view or, in fact, even out of respect for the constitution to actually be in communication with the Speaker of the House to tender his resignation.”


Meanwhile, some South Africans have called on the ANC to remove Zuma and not wait for him to resign.

They say by refusing to step down, Zuma has not only defied the ANC but the people of this country.

Some Soweto residents say Zuma's recall by the ANC is long overdue and say he should have tendered his resignation long ago.

“They should just fire him,” one resident said.

While another added that: “I think his time is up, no one wants him anymore. He must just go.”

One man says he doesn’t understand why Zuma doesn’t heed the call by his party to step down like former president Thabo Mbeki did when he was recalled 10 years ago.

“He can’t be stubborn for that long. Why doesn’t he want to resign? Thabo Mbeki resigned peacefully without making any fuss.”

They also say if former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe bowed out after three decades of being at the helm, Zuma should also follow suit.