Demi Lovato fan managed to sneak backstage at House of Blues

Demi Lovato has opened up about the time an overeager fan managed to sneak backstage during a gig - but the fan froze and couldn't ask for an autograph.

Demi Lovato. Picture: @ddlovato/Instagram.

LOS ANGELES - Demi Lovato came face-to-face with a fan who managed to sneak backstage during a show - but she froze and couldn't ask for an autograph.

The hitmaker got a wave of nostalgia after an intimate House of Blues performance in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, which led her to reflect on an awkward experience with an overeager fan during an early intimate show.

She told Billboard: "Those gigs remind me of my days of doing theatre tours. One time, I was playing at the House of Blues and I actually had a fan sneak into my dressing room when I wasn't in there.

"So security wasn't as tight as it is now, obviously, which is pretty funny ... I walked in and asked who she was and she just froze and got silent ... Security rushed her off before she could do anything else."

The 25-year-old singer is excited to be back in smaller venues before she heads back out to play arena gigs, and Lovato revealed she has fond memories of seeing other artists in similarly intimate settings.

She shared: "It's really cool that these performances are more intimate because I don't get to do them very often ... One time I saw Paramore at a really small place in Texas and it was amazing.

"I've really looked up to Hayley Williams, and being able to see her perform live in an intimate setting was really cool."

Meanwhile, Lovato recently revealed she'd like to return to acting in the future.

The American star explained that while she's open to any kind of role, she is worried her tattoos could limit the parts she's offered by the studios.

Asked about the type of acting roles she'd enjoy, Lovato said: "Anything. I think it just depends on what they'll allow me to play with all my tattoos."