[ALERT] Day Zero pushed back to 4 June

Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson credits the reduction in water consumption for the push back.

Cape Town residents collect water at the Newlands sping in Cape Town. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town has announced that Day Zero has been pushed out further until 4 June.

Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson made the announced a short while ago.

"Day Zero, the day that we may have to queue for water, has been moved to 4 June 2018, due to Capetonians reducing their water usage and city's efforts to bring down consumption. This is very encouraging, but we cannot afford to relax our efforts."

He credits the reduction in water consumption for the pushing out of Day Zero, which is the day the city’s taps run dry and people are forced to queue for water.

In a statement, Nielson revealed that water consumption in Cape Town has reached an all-time low, driven largely by the continued decline in agricultural usage.

Over the past week, consumption dropped to 526 million litres per day, marking it the first time that the weekly average usage remained under 550 million litres.

The city credits its water pressure management, along with increased water saving efforts by residents for the drop.

Level 6B water restrictions are currently in place in Cape Town. Capetonians had to cut their consumption to 50 litres per person a day.

The new daily collective consumption target is now 450 million litres a day.

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Western Cape dam levels, however, have dropped to 22.6%.

During the same period last year, dam levels were at 34.7%.

The province's Local Government and Environmental Affairs MEC Anton Bredell has reiterated officials continue to manage the water crisis to avoid a situation where any municipality, including Cape Town's water reserves, runs out.

Spokesperson for the MEC James-Brent Styan says: "We're seeing roughly a 1% decrease per week in the average dam level. We remain hopeful that we will get through this period into the expected rainy season with the continuous support of the public and other stakeholders."

Factfile on water storage levels in the major dams supplying Cape Town, which faces a water crisis due to drought.

Additional reporting by Kevin Brandt.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)