Imizamo Yethu residents grow impatient amid City of CT political battles

Nearly one year following one of the biggest shack fires in Cape Town, Imizamo Yethu residents are still in limbo.

Residents from Imizamo Yethu protest outside the Cape Town Civic Centre. Residents protested against the ongoing super-blocking process in the informal settlement. Picture: Cindy Archillies/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - An Imizamo Yethu community leader says residents are concerned the current political climate in the City of Cape Town could hamper the process to develop the area.

The City is in the process of reblocking a large section of the township that was damaged by a massive shack fire in March.

Four people died and thousands were left homeless.

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This process, which will see new walkways and roads being constructed, has been marred by delays in tender processes, violent protests by disgruntled residents and court battles.

About 360 affected families have been placed in corrugated iron shacks in two temporary relocation areas in the township until the reblocking is completed.

The rest of the residents have either moved elsewhere or have illegally set up their shacks in the area where the reblocking is taking place.

Community leader Lungisa Bezile says they still haven't received exact timelines.

He adds leaders and residents in the area are concerned that current political battles within the city might affect the process.

“People are becoming impatient due to the developments in the City of Cape Town. The reblocking we pushed for also seems to be dragging.”

A ward councillor has vowed the process will definitely continue regardless of the political issues.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)