Diddy 'proud' of Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl show

Diddy says he has forgiven Timberlake for upstaging him at the 2004 Super Bowl, and admitted he was 'so proud' to see the singer's latest half-time show.

Justin Timberlake poses with fans during the 2018 Superbowl on 4 February 2018. Picture: Twitter/@jtimberlake

LOS ANGELES - Diddy is "so proud" of Justin Timberlake for putting on an "incredible" Super Bowl half-time show.

The 48-year-old rapper has joked he has forgiven the 37-year-old singer for upstaging him at the 2004 Super Bowl, in which Timberlake accidentally exposed Janet Jackson's breast during their time on stage immediately after the _Can't Nobody Hold Me Down _hitmaker's performance.

Diddy quipped: "First of all, you know, I was mad at Justin. You know when I performed on the Super Bowl? When Justin performed on the Super Bowl and had the Janet Jackson thing. I actually performed before him on that Super Bowl and nobody remembers.

"I forgave him when I saw him perform at the Super Bowl this year. And I'm so proud of him. I remember when he got the call to do the Super Bowl how excited he was. He put a lot of work into it. He really, really showed us how to put on a show. It was incredible."

Diddy - whose real name is Sean Combs - insists he put in his "greatest" ever performance at the 2004 NFL spectacle, but Timberlake inadvertently "killed" the moment with the wardrobe malfunction.

When asked if he was nervous, he replied: "No, you kinda take that energy of the players and you get kinda competitive.

"I really killed my Super Bowl show. It was like the greatest performance ever. But then Justin and Janet and then boob came out and it was over."

While Diddy enjoyed playing at the American football event, he would love to be at one in the future as an owner and is currently in negotiations about buying NFL side Carolina Panthers.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, he added: "I'm one of the people that are bidding and looking at it. I feel it's time for some minority ownership in the NFL.

"Like 70% of the athletes are African American. I think it's important for them to see someone who looks like them in an ownership position. I think it would be good for the NFL and people as a whole."