Jennifer Ferguson to visit SA for #WeToo campaign

Jennifer Ferguson has accused Safa president Danny Jordaan of raping her at a hotel in Port Elizabeth more than twenty years ago.

Jennifer Ferguson. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Singer and former Member of Parliament Jennifer Ferguson is visiting South Africa in a campaign to support survivors of sexual assault.

Last October, Ferguson accused South African Football Association (Safa) president Danny Jordaan of raping her at a hotel in Port Elizabeth more than twenty years ago. Jordaan denies that he raped her.

The campaign will include a four-day tour in April under the theme "#WeToo" which she hopes could be the start of a larger campaign.

Ferguson will be performing at the Baxter Theater in Cape Town in April, along with local artists including Freshlyground's Zolani Mahola.

The singer says she wants to help survivors of sexual assault who don't have the platform that she's been given.

"Where sexual misconduct is a norm and normalised from the highest office down."

She says that visiting South Africa will not be easy.

Ferguson says that she wants to make sure that women who go through the pain of being sexually harassed or abused have access to a support structure.

With regards to her accusation against Jordaan, Ferguson says she is exploring the possibility of a legal route via the civil court.

"This is still in process. This action could be in partnership with Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), Lawyers for Human Rights and the Women's Legal Support Centre in W Cape. We are in consultation. The process will need to include a possible submission to the Constitutional Court for the lifting of the three-year time prescription of sexual assault/ rape cases," says Ferguson.

"I have also been in consultation with Rape Crises and COPESSA in Joburg that works with prevention of child abuse. In our early discussions, CALS stressed the importance of a campaign that would run alongside any legal response we are considering."

She says the campaign will take place in close consultation and partnership with various organisations working to support sexual violence victims and prevention.

"If we move with the civil action we will be in constant consultation with organisations working on the ground and especially Shukumisa, the National Coalition of NGOs, organisations and legal entities working with sexual violence in SA."