Flooded streets block entrance to CT school

Pupils and staff at Holy Cross Primary School are unable use the main entrance as several litres of municipal water floods roads.

Flooding outside Holy Cross Primary School in Brooklyn, Cape Town on 26 January 2018. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN – Water-logged streets have blocked the entrance to a Brooklyn school.

Pupils and staff at Holy Cross Primary School are unable to use the main entrance as municipal water floods roads.

The City of Cape Town says it'll continue to prioritise burst pipes and get them repaired as quickly as possible.

On Friday, workers responded to a burst pipe which left a section of the road waterlogged.

Officials are currently on scene trying to fix the problem.

The water supply has since been shut off.

The City's Farouk Robertson says they'll make every effort to save the precious resource.

“Our objective is always to minimize the impact. We do, however, ask our residents to be patient and we’re attending to that. It is always our objective to ensure that the water supply is restored as soon as possible.”

The school's Debbie Slabbert says: “We were hoping that maybe they could lift that water and put it onto our field so that it’s not wasted but its fresh water that’s just running down the road.”

GALLERY: Water pipe burst outside Cape Town school