Singh denies Guptas sponsored trips to Dubai

But Anoj Singh has acknowledged having stayed in the same hotel, at the same time as the Guptas , on at least one occasion.

FILE: Anoj Singh addressing Parliamentarians during an inquiry into state capture on 23 January 2018. Picture: Cindy Archilles/Eyewitness News

CAPE TOWN - Former Eskom chief financial officer Anoj Singh has denied that the Gupta family or companies linked to them paid for any of his trips to Dubai in 2015 and 2016.

But he has acknowledged having stayed in the same hotel, at the same time, as the Guptas on at least one occasion.

Singh's travels to the United Arab Emirates have come under scrutiny by the committee probing allegations of state capture at Eskom on Tuesday afternoon.

Singh says his travel to Dubai was occasionally paid for by an acquaintance of his and one Mr Al Balushi.

But he denies that any of his trips were ever paid for by the Gupta family or their companies.

This is despite Singh being presented with an invoice made out to Gupta company, Sahara Computers for a trip he acknowledged taking.

Singh says he may have on occasion been in the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai at the same time as the Gupta brothers, but not with the intention of meeting them there.

“In all my interactions with the Gupta brothers, we have never actually discussed, as I can recall, any business transactions or any transactions relating to Eskom or Transnet.”

Singh says he never declared any of the trips to Eskom because his acquaintance does not do business with Eskom and neither does Sahara Computers.

Singh has told a parliamentary committee that's probing alleged state capture at the power utility that he consulted with the head of legal services, Suzanne Daniels before entering into contracts with consulting firm McKinsey and Gupta-linked Trillian.

Singh is appearing before the Members of Parliament (MPs) just hours after he resigned from his post on Monday night.

His departure followed deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa's directive to the new Eskom board to get rid of all executives facing allegations of wrongdoing.

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Singh has been taking the committee through aspects of his submission which he believes are relevant to the inquiry.

“Before any progress payments were made to McKinsey and Trillian, I consulted with Ms Daniels who confirmed that the payments to Trillian without a sub-contract being in place as this will be a progress billing and the issues will be resolved when the determination element is put in place.”

The Asset Forfeiture Unit has obtained a preservation order to attach assets worth R1.6 billion from McKinsey and Trillian.

Singh says he was not involved in negotiations to reduce a R2 billion fine imposed on Glencore for supplying substandard coal to Eskom.

The former chief financial officer has told Parliament's Eskom inquiry that, in fact, Eskom still gained from the transaction with Gupta-owned, Tegeta.

He says Daniels led the discussions.

Evidence leader Ntuthuzela Vanara put it to him that Tegeta received preferential treatment from Eskom but not so, says Singh.

Singh says he can't explain why the guarantee advanced to Tegeta was not reported to the board, because he was suspended before he could find out.