Former spokesperson feared Robert Mugabe would be lynched

Spokesperson George Charamba paints a picture of Robert Mugabe only partly being aware of what was going on.

FILE: Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe (centre) arrives for a graduation ceremony at the Zimbabwe Open University in Harare on 17 November 2017. Picture: AFP

HARARE - Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's ex-spokesperson says there were fears Mugabe could be dragged through the streets like the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Mugabe was forced to step down after a military takeover last November but not before some very tense days of negotiations.

Spokesperson George Charamba paints a picture of a Mugabe only partly aware of what was going on.

Behind the scenes, the army generals who'd organised the takeover on 15 November were discussing what might happen to the longtime leader with impeachment a very real possibility.

Charamba has told a local newspaper that he feared another scenario: Mugabe being dragged out of his Borrowdale mansion and lynched by the crowds.

The army had already said they wouldn't turn their guns on civilians marching against Mugabe.

In the end, Mugabe finally agreed to step down on 21 November. Charamba says that typing his letter of resignation was a painful experience.