Court hears CT underworld accused suffering from ‘debilitating disease’

Carl Lackay's lawyer Rooshdeen Rudolph has told the court his client suffers from 'debilitating diabetes and hypertension'.


CAPE TOWN - One of the men implicated in dirty dealings in Cape Town's nightclub scene is apparently suffering from a debilitating disease.

Alleged criminal Nafiz Modack and four others made a brief appearance in court on Thursday for a bail hearing.

They were arrested in December on charges of extortion for allegedly using violence to try take over nightclub security in the city.

The lawyers of the five accused - Modack, Colin Booysen, Ashley Fields, Jacques Cronje and Carl Lackay - weren't pleased when the State requested another postponement.

The investigating officer, Charl Kinnear, who's been testifying for the past few weeks, is sick and couldn't be in court.

Lackay's lawyer Rooshdeen Rudolph has told the court his client suffers from ‚Äúdebilitating diabetes and hypertension‚ÄĚ.

Rudolph says the environment Lackay is in isn't conducive to his medical treatment, and he requested the accused be taken care of while in police custody.

Meanwhile, State prosecutor Adiel Jansen told the court someone from the Director of Public Prosecutions will be taking the case over from him.

Jansen says the advocate still needed to consult Kinnear, and she's likely to take over next week.

Booysen's lawyer, Bruce Hendricks, voiced his unhappiness about the new development, saying it's going to result in further delays.

Hendricks says all his client wants is to have his bail application heard which hasn't been done yet.

"The case has been postponed against my client again today. He's very unhappy about the way the wheels of justice have been turning."

All the accused will remain in custody until their appearance next Tuesday.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)