WC municipality urges residents to save water

Residents in the Prince Albert municipality currently use just under two million litres of water per day, which is more than double the desired amount.

Picture: Supplied.

CAPE TOWN – The Prince Albert Municipality, in the Western Cape, has urged residents to cut back on their water consumption.

The Karoo town currently relies on eight boreholes and a fountain in the Swartberg Mountain for drinking water.

Earlier this week, Level 2 water restrictions were rolled out in the community, allowing 90 litres of water to be used by residents per day.

These restrictions also prohibit the washing of cars and watering of gardens.

Collective water consumption in the town is currently at just under 2 million litres per day, more than double the desired level.

Prince Albert Municipal Manager, Heinrich Mettler, says water-shedding might be implemented if this negative trend continues.