ANC lawyers respond to letter of demand from ‘missing’ 68 voters

The ANC has invited the so-called missing 68 voters to a meeting at Luthuli House later this week.

FILE: Luthuli House. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Lawyers for the African National Congress (ANC) have responded to a letter of demand from the so-called missing 68 voters, inviting them to a meeting at Luthuli House later this week.

The attorney representing the 68 says his clients are considering the request and he has responded asking for more details about the meeting.

They have demanded that their votes be considered in the count for the top office-bearers of the ANC after there was a dispute over counting.

They have drawn up legal papers and are prepared to go to court over the matter but have said they will wait for the plenary at the conference at Nasrec to discuss the issue first.

Lawyer Dexter Selepe said: “Lawyers for the ANC have invited us for a meeting to be held on Thursday or Friday and I’m waiting for instructions from my clients as to what they want to discuss. I’ve also asked the ANC what it is that they want us to discuss during the meeting.”