Mahlobo warns against emotional attachments to candidates

David Mahlobo won't be drawn on who he voted for at the ANC's national conference, saying the issues the party has to deal with are far more important.

Energy Minister David Mahlobo at the ANC national conference at Nasrec, Johannesburg on 18 December, 2017. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) national executive committee member David Mahlobo says delegates should avoid emotional attachments to the candidate they voted for because when results are announced, the real work begins.

Mahlobo woould not be drawn on who he voted for, saying the issues the party has to deal with are far more important.

He says even though some of his colleagues have revealed who they voted for, he is not going to do same.

“I can feel so strongly about one candidate or the other but ultimately we still need to lead the organsiation as a whole. I did vote and it was a difficult choice because all the nominated people are some of the finest that the ANC has ever produced.”

Mahlobo also says when the results are announced, there’s very little time to focus on who came out victorious.

“They can celebrate for a few minutes but the biggest task lies ahead.”

Mahlobo has warned that counting ballots is a tedious task and officials should be given the time and space to do it.

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