Beaufort West Municipality, tourists join hands amid severe drought

Some tourists have brought their own water to the town as it battles drought.

The Gamkapoort Dam in Beaufort West pictured on 13 December 2017. Picture: Kevin Brandt/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Beaufort West Municipality is urging tourists to visit the Karoo town despite a severe drought.

With no surface water left, authorities are doing everything possible to raise awareness around the water shortage.

Locals are all too aware of the water crisis. But this may not be the case for many tourists.

Mayor Jacob van der Linde says tourism is crucial for the local economy.

“We need the tourists here, but we want their support in using water sparingly.”

And tourists who spoke to EWN have vowed to play their part to save water.

“We brought some water in containers to drink for ourselves. We’ll take quick showers and go bath in the sea.”

Another adds: “We’ll take restricted showers and use bottled water as there’s a short supply of water.”

A campaign has been launched to drive home the message: visit Beaufort West, but use water sparingly.

WATCH: Working through Beaufort West's water challenges

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)