[SPONSORED] Get notified when bills arrive and reminded when bills are due

Thanks to a new innovative app, you'll never miss a paying a bill.


When it comes to late-year to-do lists, bill payments don’t feature prominently, especially when you’re sunbathing on the beach or travelling through a game reserve. Understandably, a large part of the tedium associated with bill payment is a result of the manual nature of the transactions.

But all that is a thing of the past thanks to walletdoc, a mobile & web-based electronic bill payment platform enabling consumers to settle over 400 of South Africa’s largest billers using a debit or credit card as the payment instrument.

walletdoc is an example of a fintech company solving a real pain point for a customer

Dominique Collett, Head of AlphaCode

Global research has shown that just as consumers increasingly rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices for everything from shopping to socialising, the number of consumers who are mobile bill payers also continues to steadily grow.

Available on both Android and iOS, walletdoc notifies you when bills arrive, reminds you when bill payments are due and allows you to pay your bills straight from the app.

It also takes care of account and reference numbers, and it digitally stores payment history, doing away with the need to manually print and file bills together with proof of payment.

Monthly payments to service providers such as utilities, most municipalities, telecommunication companies, schools, charities, insurers (and many more!) are simplified using any Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club Card or American Express card. Paying bills has never felt this good!

And those with concerns about sharing their banking details with another app need not worry.

"Data is fully encrypted and mobile transactions use either fingerprint or PIN authentication, making it safe for users to pay their bills anytime, anywhere and on-the-go," says Leonard Shenker, Joint CEO of walletdoc.

For more information or to sign up, visit walletdoc.com or download the walletdoc app for ios devices here or Android devices here.