Susan Sarandon claims there are more Hollywood predators

Sarandon claims there are other Hollywood predators who haven't been exposed - including one who drugged his victims.

US actress Susan Sarandon. Picture: Facebook

LONDON - Susan Sarandon has claimed there are other Hollywood predators whose victims have not came forward because they are "worn out".

The Thelma & Louise actress has a friend who has already spoken out about an ordeal she's been through, but is too "worn out" to come forward again to tell her story of being taken advantage of by another insider.

She told the New York Daily News newspaper's Confidential column: "Some of the women who have come forward have had other men, equally severe and cannot go through it again.

"I know one who told me about a drugging situation and I said, 'Are you going to come forward? Are you going to do something?' And she said she's just so worn out.

"Because this woman has already had to come forward with a lot...She said, 'I just don't have the strength to come forward.' "

The 71-year-old actress went on to discus her fury at the people who "enabled" media mogul Harvey Weinstein - who has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women - to allegedly abuse his position.

She said: "Everybody did give Harvey a pass for the longest time and said, 'Well that's just Harvey.'

"I really am furious with the people that enabled, that delivered the girls because I know there were agents and managers that didn't allow people to go to a hotel room for an interview or went with them."

Susan is currently promoting Bombshell, a documentary she's co-produced about actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr - who was dubbed the most beautiful woman in film and helped develop a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes during World War II and was fascinated by how cruel Hollywood was to the subject.

She said: "I was preparing [to play] Bette Davis (in FX series 'Feud'), who also had similar problems with the studio and faced similar problems as she got older, and it's certainly familiar grounds still for me."