Rita Ora: Exhaustion is real

The 27-year-old singer realised she needed to 'chill' after being admitted for medical treatment.

Rita Ora. Picture: Twitter/@RitaOra.

LONDON - Rita Ora has confessed she didn't know exhaustion was a condition until she ended up being hospitalised with it.

The 27-year-old singer realised she needed to "chill" after being admitted for medical treatment and placed on an IV drip in June 2016 after pushing herself too hard and admitted she had no idea it could be such a serious problem.

She told the _Daily Star _newspaper: "I didn't know you could be that exhausted until it happens to you, but it's a real thing. I was genuinely that exhausted that I ended up in a hospital bed. I was just like, 'OK, I think I need to chill'."

At the time, the Anywhere hitmaker had shared a picture of herself in hospital connected to the drip and revealed she'd had a "tough" day.

She wrote on Twitter at the time: "Today was pretty tough but I'm getting through it. Thank you to all of you for the support! I love you! #exhaustionisreal."

Meanwhile, health-conscious Ora - who is believed to be dating Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood's son Tyrone Wood - recently revealed she has frozen her eggs to protect her chances of having a family in the future on the advice of her doctor.

She recently explained: "I thought about this when I was in my early 20s, about kids. Maybe that is me being a hypochondriac, but I have always wanted a big family and my doctor asked me, 'I think you should freeze your eggs when I was in my early 20s', that is what he said to me ...

"He has been my family doctor for a long time and he said you are healthy is now and it would be great, why not put them away and then you never have to worry about it again?"