Fergie taught herself 'how to live' after being on tour

Fergie had to teach herself "how to live" and how to use drawers and other furniture in her home when she finished touring because she was so used to living out of bags.

American Singer Fergie: Picture: Instagram/@fergie

LONDON - Fergie had to teach herself "how to live" when she finished touring.

The 42-year-old singer admitted she was so used to living out of bags when she was in the Black-Eyed Peas, alongside will.i.am, apl.de.ap and Taboo, that when her string of concerts came to an end she had to learn how to survive and "actually put things in drawers".

Speaking on BBC Radio Two on Thursday the hitmaker said: "Definitely getting off tour, and being in a band with all guys, and being on tour for my first solo album and four Black Eyed Peas albums, that's five albums touring around the world, living out of bags. Getting home and learning how to live, actually putting things in drawers."

But Fergie soon took the fun of living in one place and not on a tour bus to the extreme when she got married to Josh Duhamel - whom she has recently split from - as they decided to completely makeover the "whole house", which she has hinted was a stressful process with lots of compromising.

Fergie - who has four-year-old son Axl with her former partner - said: "In the middle of that I got married, we bought a house together, we had never decorated. So we got home and did the nursery. Well, that turned into 'Let's do the whole house our way' but oh the compromise."

Meanwhile, Fergie has admitted she decided to ditch her real name Stacy Ann Ferguson in favour of the moniker because she felt it was a "little bit more quirky" and "rough around the edges".

Asked whether her title was inspired by Sarah, the Duchess of York, she said: "That was the whole point, basically, because my last name is Ferguson. I was born Stacy Ann Ferguson, and my grandfather [had] the nickname Fergie, and my dad nicknamed Ferg. It was just a certain point in my life, and in my career when I didn't' think Stacey was going to hit all the musical ventures I wanted to achieve. But I felt like Fergie was a little bit more quirky, a little bit more, little bit more rough around the edges it would fit a numerous amount of styles of music."