Zimbabwe's Parliament speaker receives motion to impeach Mugabe

Zanu-PF has the required two-thirds majority to remove the 93-year-old, although votes from the opposition MDC could boost the ruling party.

FILE: Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. Picture: AFP.

HARARE - Speaker of Zimbabwe’s Parliament Jacob Madenda has now received a motion to impeach President Robert Mugabe.

Madenda has announced a joint sitting will be held at a local hotel in the next hour to start the impeachment process.

MPs have gathered in Harare to start the process of ending Mugabe’s 37 years in power.

Mugabe was removed as party leader on Sunday following a military take over last week.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says its position on Mugabe has always been clear.

MDC lawmaker James Maridadi said: “Ever since the formation of the MDC we’ve wanted Mugabe to go and this is an opportunity. It’s not the first time that we’ve tried to impeach Mugabe. I personally tried to impeach Mugabe, this is the fourth attempt that we’ve submitted to Parliament.”

Gender and Community Affairs Minister Nyasha Chikwinya says Zanu-PF has taken a decision on Mugabe and there's no turning back now.

“This is a definite process and the results will be seen in the next 48 hours.”

Zanu-PF has the required two-thirds majority to remove the 93-year-old leader, although votes from the opposition MDC could boost the ruling party.

But Maridadi says serious changes are needed.

“What Zanu-PF is trying to do is rearrange the furniture in their house and they want our assistance. We’ll assist them in getting Mugabe removed as head of state, but the ruling party must be able to transform itself.”

GALLERY: Zimbabweans gather as proceedings to impeach Mugabe get underway


The motion to impeach President Mugabe has been moved from the Zimbabwean parliament to a local hotel.

A joint sitting of the Senate and Lower House is due to start proceedings on Tuesday afternoon.

His refusal to willingly relinquish power has resulted in Tuesday’s parliamentary process.

Zanu-PF’s chief whip Lovemore Matuke says the party has reduced the time it’s given itself to remove President Mugabe from office to just 48 hours.

“We should be done by Wednesday. We have 90% of the votes in favour of Mugabe’s removal from the office.”

The party has now moved to Rainbow Towers where it will elect a nine-member committee to investigate and qualify the allegations brought against Mugabe.

Mugabe’s age is a major factor, with many arguing that at 93 he’s too old to handle state affairs.

He’s also been accused of allowing his wife, Grace, to interfere in government matters.

Matuke says if need be, Parliament will run until 3am on Wednesday morning.

Cabinet ministers in Zimbabwe say they are confident the impeachment proceedings against President Mugabe will succeed.


Earlier, Zanu-PF Cabinet ministers said they won't renege on their decision to remove President Robert Mugabe from office.

Ministers snubbed a meeting called by Mugabe earlier on Tuesday and instead attended to the party’s final preparations to impeach the president.

Chikwinya explains why she didn’t attend the meeting.

“The central committee is the supreme organ of the party and we take directives from the party and not an individual. His Excellency was just an individual among members of the committee.”

Speaking to Eyewitness News outside the Zanu-PF headquarters, Chikwinya says moves to impeach Mugabe are going ahead as planned.

“We have a very strong Parliament, with very able men and women who have taken a decision and are not going back on their decision.”

Meanwhile, following its own pre-parliament sitting on Tuesday morning, the MDC said its MPs will vote in favour of impeachment.

WATCH: Zanu-PF to impeach President Robert Mugabe


A group of protesters say they will continue demonstrating outside Mugabe’s private residence until he leaves.

Zimbabweans have been protesting and holding prayer meetings since the weekend in a bid to amplify calls for the president to resign.

Members of Zanu-PF’s youth wing say the president’s alleged bid to disrupt a party meeting has failed.

The 93-year-old statesman called a Cabinet meeting at State House as the party gathered to discuss his fate.

One protester says Mugabe is outnumbered.

“The three or four Cabinet ministers who were loyal to him (Mugabe) were flushed out by the army and are either in detection or out of the country. The rest of the ministers are right here and none paid attention to Mugabe’s call for a meeting.”

While the Zanu-PF meeting draws to a close, the MDC is also gathering to discuss its role in parliamentary proceedings to have Mugabe impeached.