Opposition parties in SA welcome Mugabe’s resignation

Robert Mugabe handed his resignation shortly after Parliament began an impeachment process.

A screengrab of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at a graduation ceremony - his first public appearance since a military takeover  Picture: Youtube/Al Jazeera Live

JOHANNEBSURG – Opposition parties, Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Congress of the People (Cope), have welcome news of Mugabe’s resignation.

The DA has said in a statement; this is a victory for the people of Zimbabwe who have suffered greatly under Mugabe’s reign.

“A once liberator of his people, Mugabe brought division, instability, and economic ruin to Zimbabwe as he made the unfortunate transition from liberator to dictator.”

The DA says while Mugabe’s resignation is the first step towards a new beginning for Zimbabwe, it is not the silver bullet that will fix the country. Mugabe may be gone, but the ruling Zanu-PF remains.

The EFF has celebrated Mugabe’s resignation.

EFF says in essence, Mugabe has accepted the democratic outcome of the Zanu-PF's Central Committee meeting which overwhelmingly voted for his recall.

“We call on the people of the world to accept the settlement reached by Mugabe and ZANU-PF which includes full immunity for him and his family,” EFF said in a statement.

“We call on Zimbabweans never to undo the land programme or return the land to the white settler communities. This is one legacy of President Mugabe that must be advanced and protected at all costs.”

The EFF said it’s proud of Zimbabwe because as a people, in their own way, managed to redefine a new chapter for themselves.

Meanwhile, Cope has said Zimbabwe remains far from Uhuru.

“There is an outstanding issue and that relates to the abuse of the Human Rights of citizens of Zimbabwe by Mugabe and his regime.

“Undoubtedly, Southern Africa has been rocked by the emancipatory events of the last few days. There are stark lessons to learn from those that have dictatorial, dynasty, non-democratic and corrupt tendencies.”

In its statement on Tuesday, the FF Plus commended the peaceful process that transpired in Zimbabwe and that led to the decision of the former president to resign.

"It seems like he has finally come to realise the true state of affairs in the country," Dr Pieter Groenewald, the leader of the FF Plus, said.

“If one takes note of the spontaneous joy of the Zimbabwean citizens, it becomes evident that they felt severely oppressed during Mugabe’s rule. They were living in poverty and suffered famine, while the Mugabe family and its supporters clearly lived in luxury.”

Groenewald had a message for the African National Congress (ANC) and President Zuma: “Zuma and the ANC would do well to take note of the fact that voters do reach a point where their patience run out when they have to live in poverty because the government is corrupt and abusespower.”