Celebrations in Zimbabwe & SA mark Mugabe’s exit

Thunderous celebrations have erupted in the streets of Harare as people sing and chants following the news of Robert Mugabe’s exit.

Zimbabwe’s Members of Parliament celebrate after Robert Mugabe’s resignation on 21 November 2017 in Harare. Picture: AFP.

HARARE/JOHANNESBURG - Extraordinary scenes are playing out on the streets of Harare on Tuesday evening, where thousands of citizens are celebrating the news that President Robert Mugabe has resigned.

Parliament’s speaker Jacob Mudenda made the announcement just before 6pm.

It was met with loud cheers in Parliament.

Outside on the streets, Zimbabweans holding up flags hugged each other while crying and singing.

This man says Mugabe’s time was up.

“I’m so happy. We’ve shown him, whether he likes it or not he had to go.”

Citizens have even called on their countrymen to come home, saying it's safe now.

“We hope everything will work out for us because our prayers have been answered.”

Thunderous celebrations have erupted in the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare as people sing and chants following the news of Mugabe’s exits.

Zimbabweans have taken to the streets again, in just three days, this time to celebrate.

Residents say they’re happy now they have a prospect of a better future.

Cars are hooting, the Zimbabwean flag is flying high and there’s hardly a person standing still.


Zimbabweans living in South Africa have taken to the streets in parts of central Johannesburg in celebration.

Hundreds of Zimbabweans are seen singing in celebration.

They say they do not care who becomes the next president but are glad that the man who ruled the country for almost four decades has stepped down.

“I hope the next president will see Mugabe’s errors.”

Streets in the Hillbrow area are full of Zimbabwean nationals seemingly spreading the news to others.

At the same time, the Department of International Relations says President Jacob Zuma’s planned visit to Zimbabwe on Wednesday will go ahead as planned.

Spokesperson Clayson Monyela said: “We’ve noted the announcement that’s been made this afternoon by the Speaker of Parliament. South Africa will be issuing a comprehensive statement related to the latest development. In addition, our understanding is that the president will still travel to Zimbabwe.”


Details of Mugabe’s resignation letter are beginning to emerge.

The 93-year-old said he is voluntarily stepping down to allow a smooth transition of power.

The letter makes no mention of who is left in charge of the country.

The speaker says he is working on legal issues to ensure a new leader is in place by the end of Wednesday.