Zanu-PF lawmakers to discuss impeachment as Mugabe fails to resign

The ruling party removed Robert Mugabe as Zanu-PF president and first secretary on Sunday.

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. Picture: AFP

HARARE - Lawmakers from President Robert Mugabe's ruling party are expected to meet at its headquarters to discuss impeaching the 93-year-old leader after a noon deadline passed without him resigning.

The ruling party removed Mugabe as Zanu-PF president and first secretary on Sunday, capping a dramatic week after the military seized power last week, saying it wanted to remove "criminal elements" around the president.

There are questions and doubts about whether Mugabe will finally relinquish power or remain defiant.

Zimbabwe's war veterans say they will initiate court action to legalise the military action against the president after the army seized power last week.

The group's leader Christopher Mutsvangwa has called on Mugabe to leave state house.

“Please leave state house and let the country start on a new page. You should have the dignity and decency to spare the country further turmoil by simply announcing your departure immediately.”

He says they are prepared to mobilise people to take to the streets should Mugabe not resign.

“We are bringing back the people of Zimbabwe to the streets. He will then have to settle his issues with the people of Zimbabwe, once more.”