Clock ticking for defiant Robert Mugabe to resign

The 93-year-old remains defiant and refuses to step down as president of Zimbabwe.

FILE: Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe. Picture: AFP

HARARE - The clock is ticking for Zimbabwe’s defiant leader Robert Mugabe, who has been threatened with impeachment.

He has until midday today to step down.

The 93-year-old remains defiant and refuses to step down. He addressed the nation last night.

“I’ll preside over these processes which must not be prepossessed by any acts calculated to undermine it or to compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public.”

Zimbabwe War Veterans Association’s Christopher Mutsvangwa says the impeachment process will begin should the statesman decides to ignore the call to resign.

“The party recalled him and today they are beginning to initiate impeachment proceedings, so I hear.

“And they will be calling upon the various provinces and the chairmen of various provinces will be calling upon MPs to come to Parliament because it has the majority to make sure that impeachment happens against Mugabe.”

As the political crisis in Zimbabwe continues, Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders are preparing to discuss the impasse at the troika summit in Angola on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Zanu-PF leaders had announced a decision to sack Mugabe as party leader and gave him a deadline to resign by noon Monday or face impeachment.

But the elderly statesman has shown no interest in quitting.

“The operation I alluded to did not amount to threat to our world’s cherished constitutional order, nor was it a challenge to my authority as head of state and government.”

Local media is reporting that opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai has endorsed the army’s intervention and says he would be prepared to be part of a transitional government.

Meanwhile, a list of the names of preferred candidates to serve in a new government should Mugabe resigns is being widely circulated, with Tsvangirai named as Prime Minister.

Social justice organisation Tajamuka’s Ostallos Sibiza says Tsvangirai represents the democratic dispensation.

“The authority that takes over in the transitional process represents the will of everyone, that’s why in the list there’s Mnangagwa, who represents the liberation movement.

“And then there’s Morgan Tsvangirai who represents the democratic dispensation and commands a huge following within different democratic divides.”

Members of the Zanu-PF say if Mugabe resigns, Mnangagwa will be sworn in as interim president.