Chris Hani killer Janusz Walus denied parole

The Polish national and former Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis conspired to assassinate Chris Hani in April 1993.

FILE: Janusz Walus at a hearing in the Pretoria City Hall on 11 August 1997. Picture: AFP

PRETORIA - Janusz Walus has been denied parole.

Justice Minister Michael Masutha announced his decision on Friday.

Walus is imprisoned for the murder of South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani.

In August the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) upheld Masutha’s appeal against a High Court decision which ordered him to release Walus. He was given three months to make the decision.

The minister denied Walusz’ parole application in 2015, which was then challenged through the courts and finally referred back to Masutha for a decision.

The minister says a psychological report identified Walusz political ideology as a risk factor.

“He expressed remorse for the fact that the victim’s children are fatherless and the wife is a widow. However, he showed no remorse for murdering Chris Hani, a communist leader. He still rationalises his actions and insists that they were politically motivated. His ideas about communism still stand.”

Masutha says this suggests Walusz has not been rehabilitated.

“His clearly articulated state of mind presents a potential risk as it reflects the continued existence of the primary motive that led to the commission of the offence in the first place.”

The Polish national and former Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis conspired to assassinate Hani in April 1993.

Derby-Lewis died of cancer in November last year.

The High court in Pretoria set aside Masutha’s decision to deny Janusz Walus parole in March last year and ordered his release within 14 days.

The court then denied Masutha leave to appeal, so he approached the SCA directly.

The Higher Court referred the matter back to Masutha for reconsideration after finding some irregularities in the process he had earlier followed.

The minister was required to also consider Walus’s responses to the victim impact statement from Hani’s widow Limpho Hani.

Limpho and the SACP have strongly opposed Walus’s release on parole.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter and Zinhle Nkosi)