UCT students begin exams with heavy police presence

UCT has taken several measures to ensure exams go ahead undisrupted.

UCT's Jameson Hall. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Some University of Cape Town (UCT) students said they felt like they were entering a prison at the university's heavily guarded exam tent.

Final exams got underway on Wednesday amid tight security on campus.

This follows a surge of disruptive protests recently.

UCT has taken several measures to ensure exams went ahead undisrupted.

Students entered and exited a large tent which was guarded by a heavy security presence.

Some students were not happy with logistical plans put in place by university management.

“I find it quite daunting, to be honest because I’m not used to so much police on campus. I’m worried that it will make the protestors more volatile.”

“Of course, that’s not exactly an ideal [situation] to write in.”

Entry to the campus via the alternative exam venue was being restricted by police.