Report: Zim army disarms paramilitary police unit in Harare

The situation in Zimbabwe has dominated headlines.

Zimbabwean soldiers at an intersection in Harare on 15 November 2017. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG – It’s being reported that the Zimbabwean military is in charge of a paramilitary police support unit depot in Harare and has disarmed police officers there.

Reuters is quoting sources on this latest development in Zimbabwe.

“They are now in charge of all armoury, all gates and roads leading in or out of the camp. Arcturus Road (which leads to the camp) is closed and all support unit details with guns have been disarmed,” the source says.

This comes as President Jacob Zuma, on behalf of SADC, urged Zimbabwe’s government and its defence force to resolve the political impasse, and encouraged the military to maintain peace and security.

Zuma has also called for restraint after the army declared its intention to purge people it accuses of corruption.

The situation in the country has dominated headlines since images emerged of military vehicles making their way to the capital on Tuesday amid tension sparked by the battle to Succeed Robert Mugabe as president.

GALLERY: On the ground in Zimbabwe

Zuma says that the SADC will continue to monitor the situation and is ready to assist where necessary to resolve the crisis.

Meanwhile, South Africans in Zimbabwe have been advised to be cautious.

International Relations spokesperson Clayson Monyela says: “South Africans in Zimbabwe should continue with their normal business. They should maintain regular contact with our embassy in Harare. They should be careful and be informed by the conditions on the ground.”

Countries including the United States, Britain and Canada have urged their citizens to stay indoors.

The leader of Zimbabwe’s influential liberation war veterans called for South Africa, southern Africa and the West to re-engage with Zimbabwe.

Chris Mutsvangwa hailed the military’s overnight move as the “correction of a state that was careening off a cliff” and said the military administration would usher in a “better business environment” after years of disinvestment and economic decline.

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Additional reporting by Reuters.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)