[LISTEN] Power outage at 'The President's Keepers' launch an act of sabotage?

Exclusive Books CEO Benjamin Trisk speaks to Talk Radio 702 anchor Stephen Grootes about the electricity outage at the launch of Jacques Pauw's book in Hyde Park on Wednesday night.

JOHANNESBURG - Exclusive Books CEO Benjamin Trisk says centre management at Hyde Park Mall says it is investigating the power outage during Jacques Pauw’s book launch on Wednesday night.

The President’s Keepers has made headlines for its contents as it contains allegations against President Jacob Zuma relating to corruption and irregularities in his tax affairs.

Trisk says he cannot say whether the book launch was sabotaged, although there had been some threats before the launch.

Trisk also says the launch of the book for him has not been political and he would support any book, even ones with a conflicting message.

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