Jacques Pauw gets another request to retract some parts in book

Jacques Pauw's new book 'The President's Keepers' sold out at Exclusive Books stores on Friday. It contains allegations against President Jacob Zuma relating to corruption.

Cover of Jacques Pauw's book 'The President's Keepers'. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Author Jacques Pauw has been sent another request to retract certain parts of his book which have been labelled as “lies” according to the Fraser family.

Arthur Fraser, the director general of the State Security Agency is mentioned in the book. And while issues relating to the agency are for the state to answer, a statement on behalf of his family says false allegations have been published about them.

Pauw has said that he stands by his book, that his information is credible and that he's not broken any law.

Meanwhile, Pauw's lawyers have responded to the State Security Agency, saying it's unclear how it can allege that parts of the book are false on the one hand and in violation of statutory provisions on the other.

Willem de Klerk Attorneys says exposing evidence of criminality within the State Security Agency cannot compromise legitimate operations or the security of the state and their client maintains that the information published is true and of undeniable public interest.

At the same time, Exclusive Books is standing behind Pauw and says it will continue to sell his book, describing the orders so far as "unimaginable".

Pauw's new book The President's Keepers sold out at Exclusive Books stores on Friday.

It also contains allegations against President Jacob Zuma relating to corruption and irregularities with his tax affairs.

The South African Revenue Service and the State Security Agency have issued statements saying they intend taking legal action against Pauw and his publisher.

Exclusive Book's Benjamin Trisk says he can't understand why the state would want to sue Pauw.

“You need particular grounds for an ex parte application. They do not exist in this case. They cannot go to the court without giving us book notice. We are absolutely behind this book and Jacque Pauw. I am very happy that we are entitled to sell this book, and we are going to.”

Pauw says his information is credible and he hasn't broken any laws.