‘Farm murders an outright act of terror’

Afriforum’s Thomas van Dalen says at least 71 people who have been killed in farm attacks since January.

Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN – Afriforum says farm murders are on the rise, likening the crimes to acts of terror.

At least 71 people have been killed in farm attacks since January this year.

The organisation's Thomas van Dalen says this figure is higher than the 2016 statistics.

“One of the farmers that were involved in a farm attack died as well, which brings the number up to 71 thus we have already surpassed the 2016 number. These are not any normal form of crime but an outright act of terror. Anyone who still describes this as crime is committing himself to unnecessary bloodshed.”

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At the same time, in the Western Cape safety, MEC Dan Plato says the latest crime statistics tell us that the province has a shortage of police officers needed to bring violent crime under control.

He was speaking at a press briefing in Cape Town Earlier today, attended by Afriforum and provincial police officials.

According to the latest crime figures, Nyanga remains the murder capital of the country.

Plato says crime-fighting should be a joint effort.

“The recent annual crime statistic reveals that we all have to do more. We have to play our part better if we are to combat crime in our province. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The fact is that violent crime is the highest in places where the police are most under-resourced.”