ANC councillors disrupt CT mayor's council speech

The ANC claims that De Lille used taxpayers' money to pay for non-security upgrades at her Pinelands home.

FILE: Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille. Picture: Cindy Archillies/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A sitting of the Cape Town City Council has gotten off to a raucous start, with the African National Congress (ANC) demanding that Mayor Patricia de Lille "pay back the money".

Proceedings have come to a halt due to ANC councillors singing and chanting the now infamous slogan.

Just as the mayor was preparing to give the opening speech, ANC councillors jumped into action.

The councillors chanted "pay back the money!"

The ANC's Xolani Sotashe says he and his colleagues won't listen to a thief.

The ANC claims de Lille used taxpayers' money to pay for non-security upgrades at her Pinelands home.

Last week, the party opened a case against the mayor and lodged a complaint with the Public Protector's office.

Security tried to remove some of the councillors after they ignored council Speaker Dirk Smit's request for them to leave chambers.

A few placards with the message: "Pay back the money" lie scattered about.

Metro police officers were called in but the opposition in council left peacefully, saying they didn't want to be addressed by De Lille. .

The mayor opened her address by tackling the allegations against her and saying she welcomes the ANC's complaints to the Public Protector and police.

“Because then I can give my truth that I paid for the renovations at my house myself.”

De Lille jokingly added she has enough money of her own.

“Instead I’ve been thinking of lending some money to the city at a low-interest rate ..."

She said she had documents to show what the city had spent on home security as prescribed by a police security assessment.