'Do you really need an iPhone 8 with that price tag?'

SA National Consumer Union has advised people to continue with the current cellphones they are using now, especially in this struggling economy.

FILE: Apple's new iPhone 8 features wireless charging. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - As the Apple launches its iPhone 8 in South Africa on Friday, the South African National Consumer Union is warning consumers to consider if they really need the phone before buying it.

The newly released cellphone is costing around R14,000, while its sister cellphone iPhone 8 Plus is sold at a price tag of up to R18,500.

The phones were introduced last month and they resemble the iPhone 7 but have a glass back for wireless charging features.

The consumer body says people are advised to continue with the current cellphones they are using now, rather than buying an expensive cellphone in this struggling economy.

It says it’s even better for those using iPhone 7 because there are less unique features on both cellphones.

Chairperson Ina Wilken said: “If you’ve got a cellphone at present that works, rather keep it than pay that price of between R13,000 and R14,000. Make up your mind on whether it’s really worth it; everything is becoming so expensive, that [you wonder] is it really worth it to pay that extra amount?”