[LISTEN] What to do when a loved one goes missing

Pink Ladies founder Jacqui Thomas says that missing person cases vary from case to case.

CAPE TOWN - Jacqui Thomas, co-founder of The Pink Ladies Organisation for Missing Children, talks about the amount of time a person needs to take before reporting a loved one missing.

Thomas says the cases vary from case to case. In this case, cases involving children have been treated with more care and sensitivity it requires.

She says they have seen an increase in the number of children going missing and most of these cases have culminated in those children being found dead.

Thomas says cases of adults going missing also vary with reasons, some being women fleeing abusive relationships, while other can be attributed to drug addiction.

But she says in these adults cases, spouses have been partly involved in their partners going missing, a trend she says has seen a significant increase.

Listen to the clip for more details.

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