Pink: There's a silver lining in Weinstein case

Pink thinks there's a 'silver lining' in the ongoing sexual harassment allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein.

US singer Pink. Picture: AFP

LOS ANGELES – Pink thinks there’s a “silver lining” in the ongoing sexual harassment allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein, as she says it’s helping bring women together.

The 38-year-old singer admits she’s never been in a situation like the women who have accused the disgraced producer - who is alleged to have sexually harassed a number of female employees over a period of almost three decades - of sexually harassing them, but has said she believes there’s a “beautiful part of the trauma” in that his alleged actions are bringing women together to “support one another”.

Speaking to E! News, the What About Us hitmaker said: “I just talk about my experiences and the experiences I’ve had. I’m truthful. I believe in fairness, justice and the truth. I’ve never been in a situation like the Harvey Weinstein thing. I don’t know what that’s like. You don’t know how you would react until you’re there.

“I love the silver lining is that women are having each other’s backs and they’re coming forward and supporting one another. I think that’s the beautiful part of the trauma. Not to be cheesy, but that’s the silver lining. The truth always comes out, which I like.”

Meanwhile, the 65-year-old producer - whose alleged actions were exposed to the public in a New York Times article, which claimed he had paid off eight of the women to keep their allegations quiet - has denied many of the claims made against him, but recently revealed he is “trying his best” to “get help”.

He said: “Guys I’m not doing OK but I’m trying I’ve got to get help. I’m hanging in - I’m trying my best.”

Since the allegations were first reported, Weinstein has been fired by The Weinstein Company and his wife of 10 years, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, has announced she will be leaving him.

And whilst Weinstein - who has two kids, India, seven, and Dashiell, four, with his spouse - said he supports her decision to walk away amidst the allegations, he said he is “profoundly devastated”.

In a statement, he said: “I am profoundly devastated. I have lost my wife and kids, whom I love more than anything else.”