De Waal Drive is now renamed after Philip Kgosana, but who was he? Here's a look

Cape Town's well-known bend has been renamed in honour of PAC stalwart Philip Kgosana, but very few know his historic importance.


De Waal Drive has officially been renamed to Philip Kgosana Drive in Cape Town.

He risked his life and took a stand against the apartheid regime and unjust government pass laws.

Kgosana led a peaceful Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) anti-pass march along the road to Parliament in 1960, which subsequently led to his arrest and him fleeing into exile.

The former leader of the PAC led the march of nearly 30 000 people along part of Philip Kgosana Drive.

He was only 23 and chose to negotiate with police to avoid violent tensions between authorities and marchers.

Take a listen to Pippa Hudson's interview with Philip not long before he died.

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"Lots and lots of lives were spared", explains CapeTalk host John Maytham.

Kgosana persuaded the crowd to disperse, after being promised that PAC leaders would be given an interview with the minister of justice.

Instead of honouring their promise, police arrested him for incitement later the same day.

Kgosana would have been 81 today, but died on 20 April 2017. Read more about him here.

Listen to John Maytham describe Kgosana's historical significance and a caller share memories of marching on the day:

Image credit: South African History Online

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