Zelda Holtzman: Parly's reason for dismissal almost laughable

Parliament’s disciplinary inquiry recommended that Zelda Holtzman be dismissed for insubordination.

FILE: Zelda Holtzman. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG – Former head of Parliament's Protection Services Zelda Holtzman says the reason provided by Parliament for getting rid of her is almost laughable.

Parliament’s disciplinary inquiry recommended she be dismissed for insubordination.

However, she believes she was unfairly treated for clashing with Parliament’s Secretary Gengezi Mgidlana and refusing to sign off on certain plans.

Holtzman says that neither the NCOP chair nor the Speaker of the National Assembly have acknowledged the letters she wrote to them expressing her concerns over Mgidlana.

“I feel that there’s a very big difference between securitizing Parliament and securing democracy and I didn’t think that the way they are going about it was securing democracy, particularly when police were utilized while they’re employed by the South African Police [Services] and all of that was wrong and I wasn’t prepared to sign off on that.”

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