Ramaphosa & Sisulu accused of being factional, desperate

MKMVA President Kebby Maphatsoe has also accused them of undermining the ANC NEC's authority by attending the MK National Council conference.

FILE: MKMVA President Kebby Maphatsoe. Picture: dmv.gov.za

JOHANNESBURG - Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) President Kebby Maphatsoe has accused Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and NEC member Lindiwe Sisulu of being factional and desperate for any opportunity to campaign.

They have also been accused of undermining the African National Congress (ANC) NEC's authority by attending the MK National Council conference.

Divisions within the ANC have led to the party's former soldiers splitting into two groups, the MKMVA and the MK Council.

The council held a conference over the weekend where it resolved to annul what it says was a bogus conference held by the MKMVA earlier this year.

While the gathering was attended by over 700 delegates, the ANC did not sanction it.

Ramaphosa says he did indicate that he was warned against speaking at the MK national conference as that would deem him “factional”.

But he has explained that he went against the advice because he simply wanted to forge unity.

Maphatsoe wants Ramaphosa and Sisulu to be disciplined for their behaviour.

“By having attended this illegitimate conference and having given credence to issue given by the complainants, they have now acted in a manner that undermines the NEC – the authority of the ANC.”

He believes their attendance at the conference was simply a case of pure desperation for campaigning.

The MKMVA has also accused the MK National Council of trying to paralyse and destroy the association.

Maphatsoe says the behaviour of the MK National Council must be condemned.

“This behaviour confirms the earlier impression that we gained from our engagements with them, that they’re primarily interested in promoting destabilisation and factional agenda.”