NSPCA condemns 'unnecessary research' conducted on animals

The National Council of SPCA has condemned 'unnecessary research' conducted on animals.

Picture: pixabay.com

CAPE TOWN - The National Council of SPCA (NSPCA) has condemned “unnecessary research” conducted on animals.

This comes after the organisation rescued 12 young baboons who were to be used for research at a University in the Free State last week.

The baboons had been kept in cages and showed signs of significant stress and suffering.

Following their rescue, the troop was released back into their home territory in Limpopo earlier this week.

The NSPCA’s animal ethics unit manager Erika Vercuiel says: “We believe that if there are alternatives to using animals then they should use them. We believe there should be a balance and the welfare of any research animal should be taken into account.”

The university will be taking steps against the researchers involved.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)