Court dismisses Vlok Symington's bid to stop disciplinary process

He approached the court last week, claiming he was being disciplined for blowing the lid on a plot to discredit Pravin Gordhan.

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PRETORIA - The High Court in Pretoria has dismissed an application by Sars official Vlok Symington to stop his bosses from hauling him before a disciplinary committee.

Symington made headlines last year when he was allegedly held hostage by Hawks investigators who demanded he return an incriminating document they’d mistakenly given to him.

He approached the court last week, claiming he was being disciplined for blowing the lid on a plot to discredit former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan by making protected disclosures to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate and the National Prosecuting Authority.

Judge Hans Fabricius rejected Symington’s claim that charges were brought against him for making protected disclosures.

The employee faces several charges for his conduct in the boardroom when he was allegedly held hostage.

Fabricius says there are conflicting versions of what transpired and Symington ought to defend his conduct in the proposed disciplinary inquiry.

The judge believes that the issue should have been settled with a handshake and a discussion over a beer.

Fabricius says all the people in the boardroom that day conducted themselves in a less than dignified manner.


The High Court has found that allegations of a conspiracy against Gordhan are irrelevant in an application by Symington.

Symington dedicated 30 paragraphs in his affidavit in which he set out the events surrounding the investigation and later withdrawing of charges against Gordhan.

Judge Fabricius ruled that while this background information may one day become of critical importance to the country, it has nothing to do with the application.

Fabricius also found that claims that Sars has on previous occasions ignored the findings of reports and investigations, irrelevant.

Symington claimed in court papers that he was not guilty of misconduct, Fabricius says this is a defense and it should be put to their proposed disciplinary hearing.