Ekurhuleni boy (13) dies after bullying at school

The boy's family says he was injured while trying to protecting his brother from bullies, earlier this month.

Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A 13-year-old boy has died, possibly as a result of injuries he sustained while fighting off bullies at his school in Ekurhuleni.

An organisation called Families in Need had contacted the school on several occasions in an attempt to stop the bullying of the grade seven pupil.

He was seriously injured when he was cornered on school grounds earlier in September.

Police are investigating the circumstances around his death.

Family spokesperson Jade Landman says the boy was injured while trying to protect his brother from bullies, earlier this month.

“He jumped in and said ‘you don’t touch my brother’ and the older boy started beating him, he hit his head in the fight.”

Landman says on Friday, his last day at school, the bullying continued.

“Another bully went and threw a soccer ball at his head and said: 'we will make your headaches worse and we will carry on, what are you going to do about it?'”.


At the same time, the boy's parents say they were told by the school that he had simply been involved in a fistfight.

Landman says the boy's mother made the grim discovery.

“They don’t have a car so she was rushed back from work by a colleague and she came home to find her son dead.”

Police are investigating the details around the boy's death.

Landman says the school was asked to deal with the situation many times.

“I went to the school to address the situation and they said they’d handle it, that if the bullies didn’t stop they’d personally kick them out or send them to Boy’s Town. But the bullying did not stop, it carried on and on.”

The family is also warning the school is wracked with major problems.

Landman says some of the stories coming out of the school involving the children are shocking.

“We are numerous amounts of families in the school and the stories are horrendous to the point where you think: Oh, my word - how are these things happening and who is not watching these kids?”

The 13-year-old boy died at home on Tuesday morning.

(Edited by Winnie Theletsane)