'ANC needs to take responsibility for KZN's political killings'

Former KZN premier Senzo Mchunu is giving testimony at the Moerane Commission of Inquiry which is trying to undercover the underlying causes of assassinations in the province.

FILE: Former KZN Premier Senzo Mchunu. Picture: Facebook.

DURBAN - Former Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) premier Senzo Mchunu says the ANC needs to take responsibility for the political killings in KZN because its internal processes are easily contaminated which cause tensions.

Mchunu is giving testimony at the Moerane Commission of Inquiry which is trying to undercover the underlying causes of assassinations in the province.

He’s warned corruption factionalism and the manipulation of party lists has put the ANC at the centre of political killings.

Mchunu says the ANC must take responsibility for its contribution to the political murders and rampant corruption.

“The ANC, because all of these are set in the context of what is happening internally to the ANC, must accept responsibility of these murders and killings after 2011 and act accordingly in so far as internal systems and processes.”

Mchunu says corruption breeds hatred within the organisation.

“Why angry? Because if we are all together in a municipality or in government, my reaction is that you are treating me like a fool we work together but then you are corrupt and you are benefiting, I am not corrupt and I'm not benefitting.”

The former KZN premier says the use of state security organs for political ends is a betrayal of what they fought against during apartheid.


Mchunu says the use of state security organs to prosecute people for political gains is a betrayal of the principles he and other comrades fought against during apartheid.

Mchunu says there's an urgent need to restore confidence in the police.

“Failure to arrest, it scarps confidence, that’s the consequence, that is where we might be heading if nothing is done to actually make police fire on all engines to ensure necessary confidence in the police, and everybody’s confidence.”


Mchunu says Sindiso Magaqa’s murder exposes the link between corruption and political killings.

The former KZN African National Congress chair says the failure of police to make arrests means criminals continue to act with impunity.

Mchunu says Magaqa’s murder was not the first politically motivated hit in uMzimkhulu and he’s questioned why authorities failed to detect the spike in killings in that area

“When the state can’t resolve murder cases, after murder case, after murder cases an element of decay in terms of signal sets in.”

Mchunu says the increase in crime is an indication that South Africa is becoming a weak state.

“When a state declines or gets affected by decay one of the signals is when crime becomes uncontrollably on the rise.”

The former KZN premier has made an impassioned plea to security agencies to conduct thorough investigations to restore confidence in them.


Mchunu is warning the manipulation of ANC processes has contributed to the increase in political murders in the province.

Mchunu says weak internal ANC systems and corruption have linked the party to political murders.

“People are always going to compete but make it clean so that competing for positions via manipulation doesn’t yield benefits for anyone.”