2 killed after container truck crushes vehicle in CT

It’s understood that a truck overturned and a container it was carrying fell onto the Ford Escort.

Two people were killed after an accident in Cape Town on 20 September 2017. Picture: City of Cape Town

CAPE TOWN – Two people have been killed and another driver has been seriously injured following a collision between a car and a truck on FW De Klerk Boulevard inbound opposite the Black River.

The truck is believed to have overturned and its container fell on top of the Ford Escort vehicle.

As a result, the FW de Klerk inbound has been closed at the Koeberg interchange.

Motorists have been urged to use alternative routes.

The City of Cape Town’s Maxine Bezuidenhout says: "FW de Klerk Boulevard has been closed at the Koeberg Interchange. Motorists are advised to utilise Koeberg Interchange to get back onto the N1 incoming into town."

ER24’s Russel Meiring says the truck driver is in hospital for urgent care.

Officials are still clearing the scene.

“Paramedics found the truck driver hanging partially outside the vehicle and he was extricated from the vehicle. Paramedics found the man had sustained a serious head injury.

"He was immediately treated and received several life-supporting interventions. He was transported to Vincent Pallotti Hospital.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)