Henri van Breda defence may call 3 witnesses to testify

The State has concluded its case against murder accused Henri van Breda in the Western Cape High Court.

FILE: Murder-accused Henri van Breda at the Western Cape High Court. Picture: Monique Mortlock/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Triple Murder accused Henri van Breda's defence team says it may consider calling three witnesses to testify before placing the accused on the stand.

Van Breda is on trial for the murder of his parents and his brother. He has also been charged with the attempted murder of his younger sister Marli van Breda.

The State has concluded its case against Henri van Breda in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

The State's last witness, blood spatter expert Marius Joubert refuted Henri van Breda's version of events that he was in the bathroom during the attack.

He further told the court the body of Rudi van Breda was moved after he was attacked.

His defence proceeded to try and poke holes in Joubert's testimony, specifically the absence of blood evidence relating to Marli van Breda on the murder weapon.

The accused's lawyers again posed the question whether another weapon could have been used by another attacker.

But Joubert told the court he would've expected to find blood drops if that attacker fled the scene with another weapon. He added there was no foreign DNA found at the De Zalze home.

Joubet, however, conceded that Marli van Breda’s blood could have been missed during the swabbing process.

His defence is now considering calling three other witnesses, including a neurosurgeon before putting Henri van Breda on the stand.

Before Court wrapped up, the state reiterated Marli van Breda has indicated she does not want to consult with the defence.

Marli, who was 16 at the time, sustained severe head wounds and a severed jugular.