WSU R14m bungle: Who’s to blame?

The organisations implicated in the erroneous payment of R14m to a student have denied responsibility.

Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Organisations implicated in the erroneous payment of R14 million in financial aid to a student of the Walter Sisulu University all sought to shirk responsibility for the bungle when they appeared before Parliament on Wednesday.

The university says it picked up the error during regular reconciliation processes.

But paymaster IntelliMali says none of its officials erred when it uploaded the payments.

Members of the Parliament’s higher education portfolio committee, however, weren’t convinced.

Instead of receiving R1,400, accounting student Sibongile Mani received 10,000 times the amount.

IntelliMali boss Michael Ansell says its systems are not to blame.

“It’s really important to stress that no one was pushing zeros. No one is typing in numbers, so there isn’t a person who you can pick out and accuse of pushing zeros.”

But MPs say she couldn’t have miraculously received the money.

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ Moses Mbatha referenced Jesus.

“It looks to me like Jesus just went to the young lady and gave her R14 million.”

The company has launched a forensic investigation and laid theft charges against Mani.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)