Private forensic consultant dismisses suggestions Kunene’s shooting was staged

Doctor David Klatzow says his study of the bullet holes in the car Kunene was driving accords with his version of events.

Pictures of the car Businessman Kenny Kunene was driving in after it was shot at on Wednesday evening. Picture:  Barry Bateman/EWN

PRETORIA – The private forensic consultant hired by businessman Kenny Kunene has dismissed suggestions that his shooting incident was staged.

Eyewitness News revealed on Friday that Doctor David Klatzow retrieved two bullets from the wheel and body work of the car Kunene was driving in after it was released by police investigators.

At least two gunmen opened fire on Kunene and a female friend on Tuesday night shortly after he had left the company of his friend, Sunday Independent editor Steve Motale.

Motale announced at the weekend that he had received threats on his life for publishing damning allegations about Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Klatzow says his study of the bullet holes in the car Kunene was driving accords with his version of events.

“The trajectory into the car’s shallow, which would expect from shot at a distance, they all seem to be on the level of the lower body except one which was the chest level that struck the door frame.”

Klatzow says about 13 cartridges were found on the scene and it’s not unusual that only seven hit the car.

“Shooting at night under those conditions when you’re running, somebody clearly was firing shots aimed at whoever was on the passenger side of that car.”

Despite not retrieving two bullets from the car the police say they are satisfied all procedures were followed during their investigation.


The police have dismissed allegations of negligence after it emerged that investigators failed to recover potentially crucial evidence from the car Kunene was driving when he was apparently shot at.

The police’s Mathapelo Peters said it is possible that investigators missed one or two items of evidence but denies they were negligent.

She said investigators even returned to the scene of the shooting a day later to ensure they had not missed any evidence.

Eyewitness News asked why a constable had been assigned to a seemingly high profile case.

Peters said with all cases, adequately trained and capable investigating officers are assigned, irrespective of their rank.

She said it is standard practise for a senior member to oversee all cases.

GALLERY: Photographs taken by David Klatzow of the car Kenny Kunene was travelling in when he was allegedly shot at on 5 September 2017.