Sharon Osbourne: Other couples can learn from my relationship

TV star Sharon Osbourne has claimed that she and her husband Ozzy can be an inspiration for other couples.

FILE: TV personality Sharon Osbourne. Picture: Twitter/@MrsSOsbourne.

LONDON - Sharon Osbourne believes other couples can "learn" from her relationship with husband Ozzy.

The 64-year-old TV star recently revealed her rock star husband has cheated on her with at least six different women, including a "Russian teenager", but she's insisted their reconciliation should serve as an example for other married couples to follow.

Sharon said: "It's not [about] what women can learn from me, I think it's what couples can learn from us.

"My husband was brave enough to come out and say, 'Hey, you caught me. I need help. I'm an addict with this and this is what I'm gonna do.'"

Sharon revealed Ozzy has been in "long-term treatment" for his sex addiction.

And she also admitted the couple have been extremely candid with each other about Ozzy's unfaithfulness.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "We speak about it, we laugh about it! Because it helps you get through it. Because otherwise it would be like, you know the curtain scene in 'Psycho'?

"No, I'm joking with that. But, you know, you have to find some humour in something."

The duo - who married in 1982 - split in May last year amid claims Ozzy had cheated on Sharon with hair stylist Michelle Pugh.

But Sharon subsequently decided to take the former Black Sabbath singer back, acknowledging that relationship struggles are part and parcel of normal life.

She previously explained: "The bottom line is that I love him, he loves me.

"We're in our 36th year [of marriage] right now, but I've known him for 40 years. And [after] 40 years is he honestly going to turn around and say, 'I've never been with another woman in 40 years?' No.

"It's life, it happens. It's not exclusive to me and Ozzy, the difference is that he's the one taking the heat, not me. And he's brave enough to deal with it."