[WATCH] Lord Bell denies responsibility, suggests end of road for Bell Pottinger

Bell Pottinger co-founder Lord Bell was interviewed on his involvement in the Gupta family's campaign in South Africa.

A screengrab shows Lord Bell during an interview with BBC Newsnight's Kirsty Walk. Picture: youtube.com

CAPE TOWN – British public relations veteran Lord Bell has refused to take any responsibility for Bell Pottinger’s work with the Gupta family.

The Bell Pottinger co-founder was interviewed by BBC Newsnight's Kirsty Wark after the company was expelled from the Public Relations and Communications Association.

WATCH: BCC Newsnight's interview with Bell Pottinger co-founder on South Africa scandal

The expulsion follows a complaint by the Democratic Alliance, who said that the company had fanned racial tensions in the South Africa using terms like “white monopoly capital” to assist the Guptas.

During the nail-biting interview, an agitated Lord Bell said he didn’t care whether Wark believed him.

“I’m innocent. I don’t care whether you believe me or not.”

The interview became intense as Wark questioned him about his involvement in the Gupta family's campaign in South Africa, sharing emails which appeared to contradict his claims of innocence.

However, Lord Bell continued to deny responsibility and said that he left the company due to health concerns and the Gupta account. He has previously said that he had warned them about the family.

During the interview, he also suggested that it was the end of the road for the PR firm and appeared to be unbothered about this possibility.

“I think we’re probably getting near the end. You can try and save it, but it won’t be very successful.”

During a separate interview with Talk Radio 702’s Bruce Whitefield, Lord Bell also said that former CEO James Henderson should have known more about the Gupta account.

The company on Wednesday revealed that it was considering a potential sale as business took a knock.

HSBC, one of the company’s clients, has cut ties after its work with the Guptas came to light.

Other companies have also walked away from the PR firm.