There's a lamppost on my road

Why is there a lamp post IN the road on the corner of 7th Street and Glenhove in Melrose Arch?

There's a lamppost in the road on the corner of 7th and Glenhove in Houghton. Picture: Instagram/alastairteelingsmith.

JOHANNESBURG – It’s not every day that you drive in the leafy suburbs of northern Johannesburg and a lamp post jumps in front of you.

That’s what will happen when you drive to the corner of 7th Street and Glenhove ... well not literally, of course.

But you will find a, uhm, lamp post literally IN the road in Houghton Estate.

A bemused motorist who regularly passes through the area on his commute to work couldn't believe his eyes when he approached the intersection and found the steel pole standing upright in the middle of one of the lanes on 7th.

Eyewitness News tried to speak to the Johannesburg Roads Agency about the issue and it sent us from the proverbial pillar to post, with some officials saying they haven’t seen it.

Have you seen it? Give us the low down and tell us what's the word on this street.