City of Cape Town implements level 5 water restrictions

The City made the announcement on Sunday morning.

Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town has announced it will taking a number of new actions to drive down water consumption with immediate effect, which includes level 5 water restrictions and a further increase in pressure management.

The City made the announcement on Sunday morning.

Managers of commercial properties must with immediate effect ensure that their monthly consumption of the municipal supply of water is reduced by 20% compared with a year ago.

While the 87 litres per person and the overall target of 500 million litres per day of collective consumptions remain in place, the City has placed emphasis on capping excessive water use at the domestic household level and placing additional restrictions on the commercial sector.

The City has thanked residents for their efforts to save water, but it says there needs to be a further decrease in consumption if Cape Town is to safely navigate itself through the drought.

Officials say hefty fines will be imposed on transgressors.

Mayoral spokesperson Zara Nicholson explains: "An engagement with the chief magistrate is forthcoming, but the fines are expected to be in the region of R5,000 - R10,000. Confirmation of fines will be announced shortly. All water users, whether they're in the domestic or commercial sector, are expected to be vigilant with regards to water use."

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)