Mowbray learners demand teacher accused of sexual assault be sacked

Earlier this week, footage emerged online of the same educator hitting a pupil.

Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A learner at Thandokhulu High School in Mowbray has spoken out against a teacher currently facing charges of sexual assault.

Earlier this week, footage emerged online of the very same educator hitting a pupil.

The teenager, who's asked to remain anonymous, says a group of learners gathered at court when the teacher appeared in support of their peer who was victimised.

“There was also a video clip of him beating a child with a belt. That was on Monday morning and we don’t feel safe anymore because we don’t know what might happen now.”

The learner says while the principal has apparently not done anything about the incident, pupils are demanding the teacher be sacked.

“The principal says that his powers are limited because he can only act against those employed by the school governing body. But he is employed by the Western Cape Education Department so he cannot do anything.”

Meanwhile, the Western Cape Education Department's Paddy Attwell has assured the learner the department takes allegations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously.

“As far as the principal is concerned, he has acted decisively on these matters, he did report that case. We did investigate, we investigate these cases rigorously. Investigators needed the evidence of two learners to proceed with the sexual misconduct investigation, but unfortunately, those learners did not want to testify.”